Domain Esdale - Bee More Manchester - 015

“From a young age, I’ve always been interested in fashion. I went to university and got a job in retail, where I met two of my best friends. We all kind of love fashion and so we set up a company called Manchester Fashion Industry. From there we started hosting fashion shows around Manchester.

After working with brands like Selfridges, I decided to set up my own pages on social media, so that I could brand up for when we’re speaking to a lot of people that worked in the industry.

Over the last 5 years, my personal brand and social media has grown to the point where now I’m working with high street brands like Next, H&M, River Island and Samsung.

From running all the fashion shows, I was working with a lot of hospitality venues. We would bring them quite a bit of business for these one off events and a few directors of these venues asked me if I wanted to go into business development for them.

I left my job in retail and started working for the Milton Club for a few years, then I moved to Neighbourhood and then more recently I’ve joined the team at Australasia and Sunset.

Biggest thing I’ve learnt along the way is just to build as many relationships with people as possible around the city. I try to get on with everyone because it helps, it’s all about relationship building, i genuinely believe that’s what’s helped me in my career so far.”

I’ve known Domain now for a few years and I’ve never heard anyone have a bad word to say about him. The guy has worked so hard over the years to build those connections alongside his personal brand.

When asked why Manchester, Domain said “I think Manchester’s great because it’s such a diverse city with lots of different areas in the city with a mix of different people and interests. I tend to spend a lot of time in Spinningfields with work, but you’ve got the Northern Quarter which is a bit more edgy, Ancoats is massively up and coming, Castlefield is a different vibe. I like Manchester because everyone is so friendly. I’ve had a couple of offers to move to London over the years but I’ve turned them down.

Manchester’s also massive for fashion with some of the leading brands being created here like Boohoo, PLT, I Saw It First etc.”

Make sure you follow Domain on social media @domain_esdale. Really appreciate Domain sitting down with me for this interview given how busy he is in the new role. If you need any help with reservations or events at Sunset or Australasia, make sure you drop him a message on Instagram.