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February 17, 2019

A few people have been asking me what happened to my YouTube channel. A lot of you will know that I originally decided to try and get a YouTube silver play button, which they give out when you hit 100,000 subscribers.


Firstly this isn't coming from a bitter place, but the thing is, I don’t even like YouTube as a platform.


It’s the second largest search engine in the world and owned by Google. They’ve realised that video is the way forward and want to create more of a creator orientated Netflix or Amazon Prime. Which is actually a good idea. They're just executing it in the wrong way.


So they plough all of the search attention to a select group of individuals who already have large audiences. Some that definitely don’t deserve this level of support. That’s because a computer tells them that they have a higher click to watch time ratio. The better the ratio, the more adverts they can place on content and the higher the CTR. (click through rate onto an advert)


They’ve even now removed monetisation for smaller YouTubers but they still place adverts on that content unless you specify for them not to. 


I get that they want to remove every Tom, Dick and Harry from uploading videos in portrait of them hanging around at home watching Love Island.


The point I’m making is 300 hours of content is uploaded to YouTube every minute. There are only 24 hours in a day, which means by the end of a day, you’re already 7,176 hours of content behind. You couldn’t watch it all if you had a million lifetimes as a human. So it makes sense to try and get rid of the crap.


Besides being on a saturated, poor performing platform, I also didn’t like being in front of the camera. Given I’ve got a face for radio, and a passion for photography, film making, it makes sense for me to be the one shooting and editing the content. 


I’m working on 2 more short films to follow Edinburgh as we speak, which will be "Manchester" and "Life Balance". 


I also discovered Instagram, which before Mark has his way, ripping the heart and culture out; it’s an amazing platform. I’ve managed to grow on Instagram far quicker than I ever did on YouTube. I care more about it and put a lot more time into the work and content within my niche. 


The silver play button was never important really, other than an in


dicator of external success recognition. I’ve already achieved more from my Blog, Instagram, LinkedIn, Bee More MCR the brand, my consultancy business in marketing and everything else thrown in, than I would have got from 10 years slogging away at YouTube. It was about proving with hard work that anything is possible. Which hopefully I’m still proving as time goes on.


I mean, if a boring guy from Manchester can get 1,000’s of people to look at his pictures and watch his stories, anyone can. (if that’s what you want). 


So thanks for all of the support. I’ll keep working hard and hopefully that’ll be enough for you to want to follow along the way. 

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