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July 16, 2017

If you have ever seen Carpool Karaoke, you will know that James Cordon isn’t exactly a fashion guru.


This was emphasised on the Justin Bieber edition. James even said himself that there is nothing wrong with a nice pair of chinos or trousers and a polo shirt. In fact he thinks that this will see him to the end of his life. Will that look ever fall out of fashion?


In the episode, he took Justin to a boutique store in LA and tried to pick out the most ridiculous selection of attire that wouldn’t look out of place in an art gallery. While trying to make Justin look stupid, unbelievably he managed to pull the outfit off.


I genuinely believe that some guys can pull off an outfit, and some guys can’t. It depends on your personality, your body shape and how you carry yourself. 


I don’t tick any of those boxes and so tend to play it safe.


I tend to try and find a balance of big brands and independent retailers for my clothes. Not only do I want to help out small businesses, but you can also find unique pieces of clothing instead of being on the train and thinking, is that some kind of weird mirror, or is that guy wearing the exact same Topman outfit as me?...


I was searching around on Instagram looking for an independent boutique that wasn’t going to charge me £200 for a polo shirt. This is when I came across Asquith & Fox.


Their main focus is affordable unique fashion with a splash of colour. They do this by providing Mens and Womens clothing lines in a range of colours and combinations. Some of them are a bit “too jazy” for me, but I managed to find some great pieces.


So when the polo shirts, chinos and shorts arrived it was time for the ultimate test. That’s right, a day out on a canal boat in the sun. You didn’t see that coming did you?


Setting off from Skipton we blasted up the Leeds – Liverpool canal at a G-force pulling 4mph. I think a woman walking her dog overtook us at one point. But that’s the beauty of it. Your whole life slows down, and you realise that all you can do is chill out and enjoy the sun.


On my 5th slice of cake and 8th brew, I decide to get the camera out and start taking some pictures. Golden hour didn’t disappoint, and it made me remember how grateful I am for the life I have. I want to do a full blog post on this, which I will release later this week.


The most exercise you get on a canal boat is getting off to open the locks or bridges. I took it to the extreme by running and jumping off the roof of the boat, like a middle class, English Mission Impossible with less action and more Victoria Sponge...


I have to say that the Asquith & Fox gear survived the gruelling test. It was comfortable, fit well based on my average size and build, and seems like it’s durable to last a long time. The belt has to be my favourite item though. It’s amazing how something so small like a watch or a belt can make or break an outfit. It’s such a simple item but it has been designed well.

There are no holes or need for sizes, as the pin fits through the weave of the belt. It is stretchy and comfortable and looks great.


So if you are looking for an independent clothing maker based in the UK, who really care about their products to the point where you can wear them to jump off the roof of a canal boat, then these guys are for you!


Best way to find them is to check out the website or hit them up on Instagram.





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