phone case made of cement.

July 2, 2017

If you are like me, where unless you are on a bouncy castle, your phone is going to get damaged, then I might have found the case for you.


Given I recently bought a brand new iPhone 7, it was time to get the all-important case to protect the best-designed phone on the planet.


(Insert keyboard warrior rants about Apple and Samsung in the comments).


Come on, lets face it, no matter which side you bat for in the argument, there is no denying that the most sleek and well designed gadgets out there come from Apple.


If you could have a Miss Universe for tech, Apple would win every time!


The only issue is, you spend all this money to get the latest gadget and then you can’t walk around with it naked. You have to get a case, because if you are like me, sometimes you don’t make it out of the phone shop before the screen is cracked.


The classic from my perspective of the everyday man, is when you chuck it in and out of a variety of pockets and bags, including the holdall and the gym bag. Forgetting that your house or car keys are in there with it.


 Two minutes later, you take it out of the bag, and your keys have decided to do what is known as a Manchester Paint Job to your phone. (Swap the phone for a car if you are struggling to work that one out).


So by absolute chance I came across Foxwood on Instagram.


I got talking to Amy who looks after their social media, and she kindly sent me one for free. So here comes the most impartial review you have seen since Zoella “reviewed’ some Lush products.


All joking aside, I said to Amy that I will always be honest on my blog and not sell out. I don’t see the point. If it’s good I will rave about it. If it’s crap, I will say where it can be better.


So I had a look at their range on their site and landed on the one made with real cement. I mean come on, what blokes eyes don’t light up at a fashion item that is made of cement?!


When it arrived, my first thought was the brand. Now these guys are an independent company and currently have their cases in The Carphone Warehouse and Or you can get them direct. So I wasn’t expecting the design and logo to be as good as it is. It’s sleek, clean and tells a story the second you see it. Hats off to the design team.














Being made of cement I was worrying about making the brick of a phone we all carry around these days into an actual brick. Literally. The thing is, it’s light, it doesn’t weigh any more than a normal phone case.


It feels nice in the hand. (Someone please take that one). You don’t get cramp when you are on the phone for ages, and you don’t need to hit the gym to own it. Or rob a bank.


All in all, I have no complaints or improvements. It doesn’t just do what it says on the box, it’s well designed and doesn’t look out of place when you put the blazer on to head out on a Saturday night.


In terms of protection, lets face it, I am not going to run through a series of drop tests and funny experiments. I am not Unbox Therapy with iPhones growing on trees. However, in a natural field exercise when walking back from grabbing a coffee to the flat, I can confirm it survived against the harder than normal Manchester pavement.


Make sure you check these guys out if you are in the market for a case, easiest way is to hit them up on Instagram. 








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