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March 12, 2017

I have been lucky enough over the last few months to work with The Ultimate Navigation School.


They have set up a number of navigation schools across the UK, to try and teach people to safely enjoy the world we live in. 


It is an amazing world we live in that needs to be explored, but a lot of people don't have the skills to navigate round it. 


That's where these guys wanted to set people free. 


They are a registered charity in Scotland and they asked me if I could help. 

Given they are a new business, they wanted help getting the project off the ground especially with some advice on the modern marketing and financial aspects. 


I jumped at the chance. 

They wanted someone to take over the social media management, photography and especially their YouTube Channel. The idea being to grow their social and marketing reach to ensure the courses are filled and that the most amount of money is raised possible for the charity and its partners. 


Lyle Brotherton is the author of The Ultimate Navigation Manual and they have decided to try and take this training into a practical course run by expert instructors. They are all either ex-military, fire or mountain rescue personnel. 


I can't wait to carry on working with these guys in the future, to see the strategies we have in place come to fruition. 





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