stuff i've made.


Here is a piece of portfolio work I shot for 20 Stories in Manchester.


They recently celebrated their 1st Birthday after opening their incredible bar and restaurant in Manchester city centre.


I'm really pleased how the video came out especially given the tight deadline to turn round the footage and edit so that it can be sent out to the press ready for the next morning.


If you're ever looking for short video and film, make sure you get in touch.

Edinburgh is one of the greatest cities in the UK, it's almost as good as Manchester...

I have been lucky enough to work in Edinburgh and spend time traveling round the city. 

I wanted to make a small film about this experience and hopefully show you how i see the city.

I hope you enjoy it. 

This is a showreel video I put together for Manchester Hall which contains the Vanitas nightclub and the Masons restaurant.


They wanted to film some Christmas content in 2019 to be used as part of their marketing offering in 2020.


I wanted to keep the edit and colour grading fairly simple with a warm and Christmas feel.

I hope you guys enjoy it. 

My portfolio of video work can be found on my youtube channel, following any of the above three video links. 


I try and stick to the three areas of photography where I feel my skill set is best suited. This is Buildings and Interiors, Portraits or otherwise known as Lifestyle and Food & Events. 

I've included a snap shot of images below, with further examples of my work available on Instagram, or I can send across example shots on request. 

buildings and interiors


portraits and lifestyle

food and events