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Here is a piece of portfolio work I shot for 20 Stories in Manchester.


They recently celebrated their 1st Birthday after opening their incredible bar and restaurant in Manchester city centre.


I'm really pleased how the video came out especially given the tight deadline to turn round the footage and edit so that it can be sent out to the press ready for the next morning.


If you're ever looking for short video and film, make sure you get in touch.

Edinburgh is one of the greatest cities in the UK, it's almost as good as Manchester...

I have been lucky enough to work in Edinburgh and spend time traveling round the city. 

I wanted to make a small film about this experience and hopefully show you how i see the city.

I hope you enjoy it. 

New Year 2018 I decided to surprise my family, by flying out to Italy, to surprise them while they were skiing. 

Originally I couldn't make it because of work, but every now and then I need to take  break and enjoy what i've earned and achieved. Otherwise life is going to shoot past. 

I also wanted to show a different aspect of my film making which is story telling. The hardest part for any videographer. 

I hope you guys enjoy it. 


I specialise in lifestyle (portrait), street and event photography, but there are other areas I love to shoot. I've done a lot of architecture and interiors work recently to broaden my portfolio. 

Whether it's small and medium sized businesses or creators, I try and bring my different ideas to every shoot. The best place to see my range of work is on my Instagram account linked below. Once there, please run through the "photography" and "short film" highlights pinned to the top of my profile page. This will give you a good snap shot of my style. 

I've also included a few shots below. 

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