August 20, 2017

If there is one thing I hate about being a bloke, is that it’s not socially acceptable for us to carry a handbag around.

This is when I came across Bellroy on Instagram.

Essentially, they are trying to make everyday life easier by trying to organise and de-bulk everything we use. For example, their wallet range tries to use innovative designs and a reduced amount of leather, to ensure you can carry the same amount of cards and cash, but without the big heavy wallet.

In a nutshell, I love it and will never be going back.

I had a Hugo Boss black leather wallet that had cards in there such as an M&S discount card and my Society for the Prevention of Diseases in Hamsters membership card. (Does not exist). What I am trying to say is that I carry around so much stuff that I never use. Especially not on a regular basis.

So when the wallet from Bellroy arrived, it was time to apply to the Channel 4 TV series Britain’s Biggest Hoarders, and have a clear out.

I went for the Caramel Slim Sleeve, which...

July 16, 2017

If you have ever seen Carpool Karaoke, you will know that James Cordon isn’t exactly a fashion guru.

This was emphasised on the Justin Bieber edition. James even said himself that there is nothing wrong with a nice pair of chinos or trousers and a polo shirt. In fact he thinks that this will see him to the end of his life. Will that look ever fall out of fashion?

In the episode, he took Justin to a boutique store in LA and tried to pick out the most ridiculous selection of attire that wouldn’t look out of place in an art gallery. While trying to make Justin look stupid, unbelievably he managed to pull the outfit off.

I genuinely believe that some guys can pull off an outfit, and some guys can’t. It depends on your personality, your body shape and how you carry yourself. 

I don’t tick any of those boxes and so tend to play it safe.

I tend to try and find a balance of big brands and independent retailers for my clothes. Not only do I want to help out small businesses, but you can also find un...

July 2, 2017

If you are like me, where unless you are on a bouncy castle, your phone is going to get damaged, then I might have found the case for you.

Given I recently bought a brand new iPhone 7, it was time to get the all-important case to protect the best-designed phone on the planet.

(Insert keyboard warrior rants about Apple and Samsung in the comments).

Come on, lets face it, no matter which side you bat for in the argument, there is no denying that the most sleek and well designed gadgets out there come from Apple.

If you could have a Miss Universe for tech, Apple would win every time!

The only issue is, you spend all this money to get the latest gadget and then you can’t walk around with it naked. You have to get a case, because if you are like me, sometimes you don’t make it out of the phone shop before the screen is cracked.

The classic from my perspective of the everyday man, is when you chuck it in and out of a variety of pockets and bags, including the holdall and the gym bag. Forgetting th...

June 29, 2017

With the 146th British Open around the corner, an old argument amongst friends has cropped up.

To be honest, I don’t think golf is a sport. But before you kick off, let me explain.

Sport is defined as; “An activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment.”

Now I have played golf for about 3 years now after re-falling in love with the game. I used to play as a kid and ended up getting blacklisted at my local club for playing on the course (not in the way), during a senior men’s comp.

Who does that to a kid who is desperate to learn and play the game? This isn’t an argument for today. We will cover this in another golf post of it’s own.

Now some of you may know that I do a lot of endurance events and try to maintain a body fat percentage at around 10%. This takes hard work, but I do it because I enjoy it. This is just to give some perspective that I am a fan of both fitness and golf, and therefore feel like I ha...

June 24, 2017

What are thooossseee!?

The question I get asked more than any, when in the gym or out for a run is, what are those on your feet?  Even more than, how many sets do you have left?

One homeless guy once said as I was running past, “Boy! What’s wrong with your feet?” A fair analogy when I go gliding by at break neck speed on the streets of Manchester…

Ok, who am I kidding; I have never run fast in my life. I am a natural born distance runner. Give me a meat and potato pie, red bull and some tiffin and I can run all day. Literally.

I once ran 52 miles with 7,500ft of accent in about 12 hours. The thing is, that is about half of what the worlds best runners can do. I am not talking Mo Farah, I mean a few men in the world have done it, but still. They can run 100 miles in 24 hours, up and down the cliffs and in a desert.

They don’t have the best tech or the best nutrition. They run in sandals and drink chia seed and lime water. Well mostly water, but they turn the same drink into vodka as well. It...

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