about me.

Christian James 



While working full time after university, I was crying out for a creative outlet and so in 2015, I started to take my photography and short film making more seriously.


My blog 'Bee More MCR' started in 2019 with the hope of sharing the amazing stories that the people of Manchester have to offer. I basically stole the idea from Humans of New York and put a Mancunian twist on it. 

Coupled with a passion for social media and marketing, I believe I can save you time, money and more importantly take your business or brand to the next level. 

a bit more detail

Firstly, thank you for scrolling down to learn more about me.


Secondly, I would grab a brew as this may take a while. 

So I graduated from The University of Leicester with a degree in Economics and secured a job working for a big accounting firm. 

This is where I enrolled on their ACA program to become a Chartered Accountant. After getting the very official looking certificate that confirmed I had passed all 15 exams, ethics training and 450 days of technical work experience under a supervising partner required, I decided to move into Corporate Finance.

The Americans call it investment banking, but in the UK we call it Mergers and Acquisitions, essentially buying and selling companies and getting them investment to grow. (In a nutshell) 

Although I love what I do, I realised I also needed a creative outlet. So I started following my passion for photography and filmmaking, slowly buying all the gear, even though I had no idea and started shooting. 

I chose social media as my creative outlet, especially Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn and Twitter, growing to a social reach of over 70,000 people in just a year, even with a full time job. Pretty amazing given I am just a boring lad from Manchester...


In 2019 I started Bee More MCR, which is my connected blog about Manchester and the supporting sustainable merchandising brand. Late in 2019 we launched the flagship product for the brand, which is a 500ml reusable water bottle. We are really excited about adding other products to the brand in the future, to support the development of the blog. 


Bee More MCR, is a Mancunian take on Humans Of New York. If you're not familiar with this, essentially I interview anyone in Manchester, from any background, who has an amazing story to tell about their life and this incredible city. It's designed to celebrate the amazing people of Manchester, where the city has come from and where the city is going. The idea is to encourage more people to be more mancunian.  

Along the way I have had to learn all of the different platforms from TikTok to LinkedIn and Twitter to Instagram. Not only how to use them but how to succeed and grow a loyal community of people who have a collective goal of supporting one another.


I also had to dive into the complex world of Facebook and Google Advertising, Email Marketing and Sales Funnel Technology, as it is no longer enough to just take a picture on an iPhone and upload it.

The modern world of marketing is still brand new, and traditional firms are light years behind. Reason being is simply that they don't understand how it works. They don't know what it is like to grow their own social media presence. 

If your marketing consists of making leaflets and re-doing your website so it has more animation, simply put, in the long run you are going to lose. Whether you are a coffee shop looking to gain a second location, or a Plc looking to enter into a new territory. 

This is where I can help. 

So with the skills I have learnt, I can help owner managed businesses and SME's by dragging them into the 21st Century. Not only that but saving people time, effort and money while helping them grow and take their business to the next level. Whether you are a blogger, athlete or a business owner, drop me an email and let's grab a coffee.