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It sounds a bit simple, but i'm a photographer, videographer and digital marketing consultant. Being born and living in Manchester, the fastest growing city in the UK, it has been and will always be, a huge part of my life. 

Most of my pictures and films are of this amazing city and everything she has to offer. But I also like to visit other places around the world trying to tell the story along the way. 

Through making short films, I've started to work with small businesses to try and help them grow, to get their concept and story out there. 

My connected blog 'Bee More MCR', is a take on Humans of New York, to celebrate the amazing people of Manchester and the incredible stories they have to tell. 

This year we launched the first sustainable product for the Bee More MCR brand, to support the blog. We plan to launch more eco friendly products soon. If you would like to support the blog by buying one of our reusable water bottles from our online shop, that would be a big help. 

I've recently built a large network of creators in Manchester and further afield, who support each other on anything from events and product campaigns, to marketing and creative projects. 

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